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Updated: Apr 7

We started building low end mountain bike conversion kit bikes. We soon realised that the power just wasn't enough.

From bottom end torque to top end top speed these bikes wasn't giving enough to compete with other bikes that were in the market. So we then had to hit the drawing board!

We then came up with this thing which is an absolute monster. Without giving off to many tips and tricks we hit off with some custom frames. Powdercoated them with a beatufiul finish using a high end third party powdercoater. The frames come back pristine ready for the next stage.

We then went on to test the frames capabilities to see what the top limit was for the frames abilities. We then hit a stumbling block on batteries as most batteries that are on the market that can fit inside a MTB frame had no way near the maximum capabilities we wanted. As we all know battery building is a very skilled time consuming art that not many want to really take on. We have to much going on in our workshop to consider building batteries for every project so it was better for us to source them third party.

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